Sheepdog Defense Group

We are a licensed consultant company who specializes in children's protection.


Weapons classes may interest you from basic to home protection and more.

SDG is a group of tactically trained police officers who believe that no one has to be a victim.  Anyone has the ability to defend themselves with proper training and the right mindset.  We will give people the training and confidence to feel and be in control of their lives.

See what makes us different from other training groups.

Our services include all types of self defense training ranging from beginners to the security field to more advanced weapon's tactics.  This training is geared towards civilians and not military or law enforcement.  We will turn sheep into sheepdogs.
Read Ret. Lt. Col Dave Grossman's Of sheep, wolves and sheepdogs

If your are going to get a Texas CHL why not learn from the best?

Personal protection classes to include urban survival and security related work.

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