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Sheepdog Defense Group​

                                                                                                               Turning Sheep into Sheepdogs

​​Nick Guadarrama


Nick severed 4 years in the United States Marine Corps, and was attached to an Infantry Weapons Platoon with experience in explosives. He has been in Law Enforcement for approximately 6 years and is currently attached to the Bicycle Patrol Unit with a local police agency. He has completed many tactical shooting proficiency schools, to include SWAT school, and has proven his proficiency with many different firearm and tactical platforms. Nick is a TCOLE Instructor, a TCOLE Firearms Instructor, an ALERRT CRASE (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events) Instructor, and a SIMS Instructor. Nick also serves as a Reality Based Training OIC, Reality Based Training Safety Officer, and a Range Safety Officer with his Agency. Nick loves teaching and sharing his knowledge with others and believes everyone needs to possess the skill and knowledge to defend themselves. 

Our staff was put together not only because of their experience, but also for their instructional qualities.  All of us have been in the situations that we are training you for and can share our experiences with you.  We will give you a real world look at what you can expect during an encounter.  We are a Christian organization and are willing to help any person with righteous intentions learn to better protect themselves and others.

Scott Banes



Scott has been a police officer for over 10 years and is a team leader on one of the tactical team's within the department he works for. He is tasked with apprehension of violent and prolific offenders.  Scott has trained new officers as well as conducts continued training with his team.  He has been trained in all facets of firearms as well as personal weapons.  His team responds to tactical situations within his city.  Scott is a TCOLE instructor, TCOLE firearms instructor, range safety officer, reality-based training instructor, SIMS instructor, and SIMS Safety officer.

David Riggall


David has been a police officer for over 14 years and has spent half of his time on a tactical team.  He has trained new officers both in the field and at the training academy.  He has had extensive training in response to active killing events such as active shooters or anti-terrorism training.  He has had special training in shooting, hand to hand combat and attended multiple tactical schools.  He has been involved in dynamic entries, barricaded persons, hostage rescue as well as fugitive manhunts and warrants.  David is a TCOLE intructor, TCOLE firearms instructor and a range safety officer.  He also currently holds certificates in SWAT, Advanced SWAT, Dynamic Entry, Licensed to Carry instructor, Simunitions instructor, Ballistic Shield instructor, Response to Suicide Bomb Attacks, Active Shooter Response and is on the Mobile Field Force and the Field Force Extraction team.

Meet our Staff:

About us

​​We are dedicated to the philosophy that society is full of good people.  We want people to take an interest in their own protection and also want to ensure that children are no longer targets of violence.  Contact us to learn how you can help protect your own family, church or school.

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