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Gun Purchase

Questions to ask yourself

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Every person is not the same and not everyone should carry the same weapon.  We will assist you in determining which gun is best for you.  Factors like cost, recoil, ease of use etc.  This service will be free for verbal assistance, but small fees will be required if going to the range is required.  Our instructors do not receive money from any gun companies and will give you honest and impartial opinions of what is best for you.  Here are some things to think about before buying a gun.

Can take a life if need be?

Weapon cost?

Ammo cost?

What are you protecting? (Home, self, family, etc.)

Shooter size?

Is recoil going to be an issue?

What kind of capacity are you looking for?

What penetration round do you need?

Is a revolver or semi-auto right?

How confident are you under stress?

Weapon retention?

Do you plan to get a CHL and conceal?

*****If you need assistance please contact us and we can help you out.*****