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                                                                                                               Turning Sheep into Sheepdogs

Basic combat pistol class     $125

Intermediate home defense (basic must be completed first)        $125

Advanced classes indoor and outdoor (intermediate must be completed)   $200

LTC  Texas License to carry   $75

Self-Defense class (non-weapon escape class)    $75

Tactical Medical (TX PSB CE certified class)   $75

(In all classes, the range fees and targets will be provided.  You will need your own weapon and ammo only.)

Refer to above class prices and select the proper amount of credits to pay for your class.  Be advised that 1 credit ($25/each) is the deposit amount for any class.  The deposit is non-refundable.

If you are taking a basic combat pistol ($125 or 5 credits) and a LTC class ($75 or 3 credits), you would need to purchase 8 credits or $200.

You may combine several students on 1 payment.

All money is refundable except for the $25 deposit.

Charity shirts or ball caps purchased off of this site are $25 or 1 credit.

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