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Sheepdog Defense Group​

                                                                                                               Turning Sheep into Sheepdogs

Sean Romer

Teaching Weapon Disarmament 

Scott Banes

​Teaching Ground Escape Techniques

Unarmed Security / Loss Prevention Class

Approach and Apprehensions

Personal Protection

Non-Weapon - Escaping an Attack Class

​Urban Survival

This class is set up for persons not carrying a weapon. It will start with techniques to prevent you from being a criminal target. We will show you how to defend yourself against a personal attack and get away from an attacker.  Class size is 5-15 people.  Class runs approximately 4 hours.  Check with us for availability on our contact page.  The cost for this class is $75.  A $25 deposit guarantees you a spot and is applied to the total cost.  Full payment is due a week prior to the class.  See payment policy.

This course is for those in positions who would have to apprehend others.  We will show you proper approaches, basic cuffing, escorts, take downs and some ground techniques. There will be scenario training so comfortable athletic clothing is suggested.  A minimum of 4 people are required to make a class.  The class length will depend on the amount of students.  The cost will be $75 per person for the first 5 students and discounts for any additional students.  Contact us to schedule a class today.

 Contact 817-917-8411