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Sheepdog Defense Group​

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Contact 817-917-8411

  • What kind of gun should I buy?

There are a lot of questions you must ask yourself before you buy a gun.  Here is a  link of common questions to ask yourself.  You can always call or email one of our instructors who can help you figure this out.  We love talking guns.

  • Is Sheepdog Defense Group insured?

 Yes we are.  We carry a $3 million insurance police for accidents or liabilities.  In fact we are required to carry this type of insurance in order to teach live fire training.  We do not have any intentions however on ever using it.  Safety is always our #1 priority in any class we teach.

  • Are your instructors licensed to teach in their fields?

Our instructors are not only licensed in the field that they specialize in, but also licensed in all of the fields that we teach.  You will receive professional instruction from your head instructor as well as all assistant instructors or we will not charge for the class. 

  • What are the age requirements?

We do not set specific age requirement to sign up for a class.  We will leave that up to the parents of children.  We do require that for any person's under the age of 18 be accompanied by a responsible adult for any range time.  One adult per child.  Adults will have to sign the child's waivers.  As always any disruptive or unsafe behavior will have you removed from the class.

  • Can anyone sign up for a class?

Anyone can sign up for a class, however you will be subject to a background check that we run on all students.  We reserve the right to refuse anyone entry into our classroom pending the outcome of the check.  We are in the business of instructing people for the right reasons.  If you are kept out of a class all fees will be refunded.

  • When and where do you teach your classes? What if I don't have a gun?

We teach the basic and intermediate classes on Sundays from 1PM to 6PM.  This is not every Sunday so contact us to find out availability.  Our classes are taught at the Winchester Shooting Gallery located at 6054 E Lancaster in Fort Worth TX 76112.  Map. Winchester has been in business for a long time and is very helpful to all of our students.  They have a large selections of guns in all calibers for rent and will rent them to our students during a class for 1/2 price.  ($5 for the day)

  • Will you teach me how to run this assault rifle like a SWAT officer?

No.  Sorry.  We are teaching civilian tactics and not police or military.  The fact is that if you did run your weapon's system like a tactical officer you would most likely be in violation of the law anyways.  We also do require that you be a previous student and qualify prior to taking the advanced classes for safety reasons.

  • Can you guarantee that after taking a Sheepdog class I will be a better shot?

No.  Some people are very good shooters, but we have had excellent feedback from previous students.  We utilize various exercises and give you one on one instruction.

  • I'm not a spring chicken anymore and can't run a mile.  Can I still handle this class?

Yes.  The basic and intermediate classes are not highly demanding physically.  Some of the more advanced exercises may add stress to your shooting, however we can adapt the course of fire to meet any needs.  Please inform us prior to class date if you have special needs such as a wheelchair or physical defect and we will make arrangements to accommodate you.

  • I don't know which class is best for my current experience level. 

The basic class is for beginners or a refresher for someone who hasn't shot in a while.  The intermediate is for someone who can shoot a static target pretty comfortably and wants to learn new holds and shooting positions.  It is focused on home defense.  The advanced classes must be qualified by one of our instructors. 

  • What do I wear and bring to class?

Bring only your unloaded gun and the ammo required in a separate bag.  Extra magazines or speed loaders for the intermediate class if you have them.  Click here for ammo requirements.  Wear comfortable clothing that is not too loose fitting. (we don't want hot brass landing down your shirt)  No open toed shoes on the range so tennis shoes are best.  We will provide the safety equipment.  Proper ammo is important. 

  • This all sounds pretty good.  Can we have our party with you?  What about a group discount?

We can definitely bring in groups and will talk discount with you, however class space is limited based on how many instructors I can schedule.  The most we can accommodate at one time is 24 students on the range.  I also require 1 instructor per 4 students for safety reasons and to make sure you get more one on one time.  No alcohol is allowed on the property and if alcohol is detected from before or during class the student will be excused without refund.  Inquire or sign up today.

  • How much does this cost and what's included?

The basic and intermediate classes are both $125 per student.  This includes classroom time as well as range time.  Protective gear is provided.  Range fees are included in the class.  No tax.

The only other cost you may have is pistol rental if you need one or snacks from the vending machines.  You need only to bring gun and ammo.  The advanced classes will be discussed with those students upon qualifying for the class.  Sign up here.

  • When is payment due?

Final payments are due 1 week prior to class.  A spot can be held until that time with a $25 deposit.  For full payment policy click here.

  • How do I sign up?

Sign up here or call me at 817-917-8411.  If I can't pick up please leave a message.