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Texas License to Carry

This is a CHL course from trained and licensed LTC instructors.  This course is needed for those wishing to acquire a license for conceal/carry.  The course does not include the fingerprinting or the fee to the state of Texas.  A score of 70% on a written exam and 70% on the range is required to pass this course.  This is a one day course including the range and the fee is $75 for both classroom and range.  This will get you a CHL100 form to send to the state within 3 years.
Note-Texas LTC carriers may carry their guns in any state with reciprocity agreements with Texas.  You must apply with the state and pay their app fee.  TX CHL fee schedule.  Apply at  or visit the DPS site at 

Basic Combat Pistol

​This course is designed as a good fundamental class and is perfect for beginners.  We will take you through how to handle a pistol and move into fundamentals of shooting.  Don't let the name fool you.  This is not a military class, but we do teach you techniques to employ in self-defense and not for target shooting.  This class has had great success with any new shooter who may be a little bit apprehensive.  You will get personal attention and gain confidence in handling your firearm.  It is a 100 round course and is a requirement if you plan to move on to the home defense pistol course.

Pick 1 and pay $75 

Pick 2 and pay $140

Pick 3 and pay $200

Pick all 4 and pay $250 

Email David to get enrolled

Non-weapon self-defense (escaping and attack)

​This course is designed for the students to learn how to escape a personal attack.  We will talk about different techniques to stay out of harms way.  We will then move into what to do if you are attacked.  We will demonstrate and then you will practice how to break away from different grips, chokes and grabs.  You will demonstrate your proficiency and be able to even practice with pepper spray.  Pepper spray can be purchased if you want in class.  This class does not use any actual weapons and is perfect for anyone who needs to gain confidence.  Note that we demonstrate escape from a rape position so younger students may need to be pulled from class during that portion if the parent deems appropriate.  You should wear athletic comfortable clothing.

 Contact 817-917-8411

Intermediate Pistol (Home protection)

​This class involves a more advanced and realistic application of firearms handling.  We will go over techniques that you would use to protect your home and loved ones.  In the unfortunate situation that someone does attack you in your home, it is very stressful and is nothing like shooting in a gun range.  We will teach you different ways to manipulate the pistol for different situations.  You will be able to reload if you choose.  You will shoot one handed, from a tuck position and practice reflex shooting.  We will discuss ballistic capabilities of your gun and the possible hazards that it could create.  You will shoot holding a flashlight and we even shoot in the dark.  This is a very fast paced class with a lot of parts.  You must complete our basic pistol class before taking this one.  It is a 150 round class.

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