Firearm Training

Firearms Training

We offer a "real life" approach to firearms training. We do not train you to shoot paper in a static range. We do teach you to fight with a firearm so that when the time comes, you can win the fight and survive the most important moment of your life.

Unarmed Training

Unarmed Training

Some people were not meant to carry a firearm for one reason or another. We offer options for self-defense as well. We train in options to escape an attack, use pepper spray and even ways to help critical medical assistance to yourself or others.

Security Training

Security Training Program

Sheepdog Defense Group LLC is not only a training group, but also a professional security company. We offer services in security consulting and we train security officers and get them licensed through the state of Texas's Private Securities Bureau.

Firearms Training

Texas License to Carry

Our license to carry course is taught by knowledgeable and certified LTC instructors. They are licensed by the state of Texas. We will train you on current laws and get you through the application process. .

Basic Combat Pistol

This in an introductory course in handling a pistol. It is designed to prepare the student for a life-threatening event. There is no experience needed prior to this class. We will cover it all.

Intermediate Pistol (Home Defense)

We will expand on different shooting positions and work on real life issues like low-light, interior obstacles, target discrimination and other factors that could arise in your home or business. (Basic Combat Pistol is pre-requisite)

Purchase Assistance

We have years of combined experience as law enforcement officers. We are knowledgeable consultants in firearms. If you have questions about purchasing a firearm, check out this section.


For anyone who wants to really prepare, we offer RBT (reality based training). We have a variety of training aids including Simunitions (projectiles shot back by roll players), shock vests and other aids designed to induce stress. Contact us for pricing

Unarmed Training


We have defensive tactics instructors to train self-defense and how to escape an attack. This is a non-armed response class. We talk about methods of not getting into bad situations and then go through different techniques to escape if you are attacked. Pepper spray usage is taught as part of this class.

Tactical Medical

Tactical Medical is a course designed by the US military and used to save lives. As first responders, we are trained in trauma response so that we can keep a victim alive until they can reach a surgeon. This class is a part of our security program, but can be taken as a civilian as well.

Security Training Program

Threat Assessment

We are happy to assess your location for potential threats. With decades of law enforcement experience, we have seen it all. We can help you "harden" your location to prepare for theft, child predators, active killers or any other concerns you may have. There is generally no charge for this service.

Armed Security Programs Church Safety Programs

You will be as prepared as you can be if you want to join our family of "Sheepdogs". We have trained, licensed and insured security officers across Texas guarding Christians. This is a serious decision, but one that our current members are very happy to have made. I can give referrals. Fill out a form and someone will contact you and discuss pricing.